ROTH IRA’s for Young Workers

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ROTH IRA’s for Young Workers

Summer is almost here. Although the official beginning of Summer is a couple weeks away, many college and high school students already have found summer employment and are hard at work.  Others will be starting their summer jobs in the … Continue reading

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We hear about the top 1% all the time. Who are these 1%? The most frequently represented occupations of taxpayers in the top 1% of US taxpayers, according to IRS data, include: corporate executives, financial professionals, doctors, lawyers and a … Continue reading

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What are the chances I’ll be audited by the IRS?

If you make a lot of money, there is a good chance you’ll be audited sooner or later but not so much the case for the average taxpayer.  Audit risk is not something average taxpayers need to worry much about.  … Continue reading

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Who audits the IRS?

Yes, of course, the IRS is audited.  That’s the job of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.  This is an office in the Department of the Treasury, not an individual person. We call them “TIGTA” for short. TIGTA puts … Continue reading

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Trading in Bitcoins brings IRS Scrutiny

The IRS is aware that bitcoins are being used to evade taxes. The IRS recently sent a summons requesting information to Coinbase, the largest US Bitcoin exchange. It asked for the records of all customers who bought bitcoins from them. … Continue reading

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Insidious New IRS Social Engineering Attack

There is an insidious new IRS scam doing the rounds. They send you a phony IRS CP 2000 form and claim the income reported on your tax return does not match the income reported by your employer. This is meant … Continue reading

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